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Dear Visitor,

This is a searchable archive of Charmaine Wheatley's portraits.

In 2012, Charmaine became a lifetime Artist in Residence at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (Boston, MA) and in January of 2017 she began her artistic residency at the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC; Rochester, NY), working with the local mental health and HIV communities.  

To show that all portraits are of equal importance, the site has been arranged by groups of dates rather than category, theme, or specific project. All of Charmaine's portraits are date-stamped, providing a common thread throughout her works. You may browse these date categories from the homepage, or you can view them by year in the navigation under "Exhibits".

Alternatively, you can search by name (first and / or last) or keyword (ie. HIV, mental health, Buffalo, Out, Trillium). The search tool is not case sensitive. However, please note that it's not always perfect, so if it doesn't return what you expect, try a different combination of words or a single word.

Most of the pieces on this site were created with watercolour, ink, and gouache on paper, unless otherwise indicated. 

To learn more about the URMC project and follow events and developments, please visit artreducingstigma.com. Additionally, you can follow the project on Instagram, or Facebook, or at @artreducingstigma, or contact us directly.